Our Commitment

At Kauai Beach Resort, we are committed to protecting the unique environment and culture of Kauai and promoting responsible travel. On your next trip to Kauai, take part in a Traveling Pono initiative, large or small.

Choose Reef-Safe Suncreen

Mineral sunscreens are reef-safe, but many household sunscreen brands are not. Mineral sunscreens contain zinc oxide which creates a shield against UVA and UVB broad spectrum sunlight, and it serves double duty to protect our reefs. Conventional sunscreen contains chemicals including oxybenzone which seeps into the water, and can be absorbed by corals. The nanoparticles in oxybenzone can disrupt the coral's reproduction and growth, ultimately leading to bleaching. By choosing reef-safe sunscreens, you'll protect our reefs for years to come. Please pick up some mineral sunscreen before you arrive on the island.

Why Protect Our Reefs?

Coral reefs provide a unique habitat for one-third of all marine fish species, are the building blocks of tropical islands, protect coasts from waves and storms, and contain an array of potential pharmaceuticals. The reefs also support tourism and fishing. Coral reefs are home to fish and seafood, and create magical underwater worlds to explore via scuba or snorkel.

Carry Reusable Bottles

15% of the 500 billion plastic bottles sold each year end up in our oceans. Plastics not only affect our coral reefs, our dolphins, fish, and sharks are also consuming them. Reducing your use of plastics is as simple as carrying your own water bottle. Purchase a reusable bottle and fill it at the airport, the resort, and all over the island. At Kauai Beach Resort, we offer reusable cups and mugs during your stay. Receive 10% off non-alcoholic beverages at Driftwood Bar & Grille when you bring your own cup.

Sustainable Operators

Explore our island and waters with a sustainable certified operator. Before your next Kauai adventure, find out if your guide gives back to their local communities. Ask your guide if they donate money to local nonprofits that take care of the ʻāina (land), or volunteer their time. Our adventure planners can plan your eco-friendly adventures before you arrive. Some of our favorite operators include Holoholo Charters, Kipu Ranch Adventures, and Kauai Hiking Tours.

Dine Local

Dining local boost our local community and economy, while minimizing waste produced in the transportation of goods. Here on Kauai, we’re lucky to have a variety of delicious, local flavors. Some of our favorite local restaurants include:
Naupaka Terrace
Driftwood Bar & Grille
Shutters Lounge
Kauaʻi Juice Company
The Fresh Shave

Shop Local

Just like dining local, shopping local infuses money back into our community, and cuts down on emissions from importing goods. Hawaiʻi has banned the use of plastic bags, so carry a reusable bag. We're committed to partnering with local brands on property, including Kauai Coffee, Kauai Chickens (brand), Kauai Kookie, and Leahlani Skincare. Some of our favorite local shops include:
Kapaʻa Town
Warehouse 3240
Hanapēpē Town

Feel at Home

Think of your room as your home away from home. Conserve energy by turning off the lights and air conditioning when not in use, draw the blinds to assist with temperature regulation, and reuse the same towels and sheets to cut down on water consumption and waste.

Hike Pono

When setting out on an adventure, take the following steps to help preserve Kauai natural beauty and culture.

  • Please stay on the marked trail during your hike to prevent erosion.
  • Bring a backpack (or other carrying case) to carry out any waste (like food packaging) on your hike.
  • Trek mindfully: many trails take hikers through cultural sites. Please stay on marked trails to ensure that you are not entering a sacred site or an area of ecological restoration.

Leave the Beach Better than You Found It

There are few things better than a beach day, and a sustainable beach day tops our list! Carry a beach bag large enough to carry away any waste⏤maybe some you’ve brought (like food packaging), or some you’ve found. We encourage you to rent your gear from local shops for the day and be sure to return it when the day is done. Our team at Kauai Beach Resort works hard to maintain our beach. We have partnered with Surfrider Foundation Kauai for International Coastal Cleanup Day, and use the debris collected from the event to decorate Driftwood Bar & Grille.