Leahlani Skincare

Leah Klasovsky, a certified and holistic skincare expert is a dually licensed esthetician and botanical alchemist—in other words, when it comes to skincare, she knows what she's doing. Thirteen years ago, Leah set out on a quest to heal her own skin and eventually, others. While working as a spa director, meeting thousands of individuals who also wanted to be healed, she set off to create a line of skincare that could be used by all and Leahlani Skincare was created. Infused with aloha and love, Leahlani Skincare is known for it's healing, nourishing, and renewing qualities.

Leahlani Skincare products are available for purchase on property at the Hawaiian Rainforest Spa.

Monkey Pod Jam

Aletha Thomas, a former schoolteacher, was on a mission. Each Friday, she would pull out her French copper pot and preserve the weekly fruit harvest into jams and jellies, just as her grandmothers did before her. The fruits of her labor become well known around town, and before long Monkeypod Jam was born.

Guests of Kauai Beach Resort receive $5 off tastings at Monkeypod Jam.